Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas at My House

For the last few years I've been hosting my three sisters, one brother, mother and various brothers-in-laws and nieces (as they came) at my house for Christmas. This year, 10 visitors (and two dogs) arrived at my doorstep for five days of Christmas merriment.

I've been preparing and anticipating for the last month, so I was ready. What I wasn't prepared for was getting some virus on the first day and being out of commission for two days. The worst part of this was not being able to kiss my baby nieces, or put a bunch of plans I had in motion. However, we persevered and everyone had a jolly good time -- despite the frigid weather.

My Favorite Part? Everyone Around My Dining Room Table Eating Lasagna.
(Why can't they be there every week?!)

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