Sunday, February 16, 2014

Entryway: The Start of Something BIG

I've been having a hard time taking photos of the entryway -- being tall and narrow. So, here's what I've come up with so far.

In this angle, yes, you'll see the gold pendants I made for Christmas falling down. Classy! But you'll also see that piece of molding under the second floor railing. See it?

OK now imagine if I continued it into the entryway -- all the way around ... thus dividing the tall space into two. That's good, right?

The top half would be painted the glorious white that I'd like to paint all the awful beige walls.

The bottom half, well, that's the fun part. It can be just about anything! I thought about adding some built ins or bold wallpaper. I have a Pinterest board that is slowly getting filled with inspiration.

BUT, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning...

What are my goals for my entryway?

1. Hooks! This space isn't a daily dropzone, but I have lots of neighbors and playdates who traipse in through this door and drop their stuff on the floor. I recently installed two hooks and they're usually full. I need at least four more. And, if you know me at all, you know that I love hooks.

2. Display. Because this area is a transition space that you'll just pass through, it's a good place to display collections or treasures. I'd love to fill it with colorful art and maybe my milk glass collection.

3. WOW factor.  I want people to walk into the house and think, "this is cool! I wonder what the rest of the house looks like." Colorful, lively and functional. A preview to the rest of the house and the family who lives here.

4. Organization. I gotta have some baskets or drawers -- right? Because something is going to be stored in here. Right now, the shelves include our record collection and a bunch of coloring books.

5. A Place to Sit. Because, really, putting on shoes (or snow boots) is so much easier when you've got someplace to plop your rear end, am I right? I have fantasies of a post-modern upholstered bench.

The thing with this entry way is that's pretty narrow -- as I started saying at the top of this post. And one wall is the French doors into our office. So, it's not like I can install deep cabinets or shelves.

Is your mind whirling with ideas? Mine is.

To be continued ...

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