Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Little White Desk

Decorating the master bedroom is not my priority. But I had a problem.

When we bought our lovely bedroom furniture five-ish years ago -- one of the biggest furniture investments at that time -- we skipped the bed-side tables.

Oh man, was that a mistake!

Ever since, we've been using random bits of furniture that don't match and are usually too small or just not functional. And it's a perpetual thorn in my side.

Recently, given the amount of reading or laptop typing I do in bed, I decided getting a wee writing desk with some drawers might be the right piece of furniture for the bed side. It could function as a little get-away writing spot. And the drawers would be great to hide away all the bed-side clutter.

Plus, and this is my thinking a lot lately, it's a piece that can function in other rooms -- even the kid's room, if we needed it to.

The New Writing Desk
So, I waited and watched writing desks scroll through my One Kings Lane shops until a few weeks ago, after I got my smallish annual bonus, a cute one popped up. Hooray!

With only a little thought I ordered it -- after taking some very quick measurements based on the desk's description. And went with white, thinking I could repaint or repair anything that was wrong with it -- the risk of not seeing a piece of furniture before it arrives on your doorstep with a no-return policy.

When it arrived, I panicked a little. It's MUCH LARGER than the wee desk of my dreams (another drawback for not seeing it first). And there's a chip in the wood that needs repair. I started thinking of other locations for it, but decided to try it next to my bed -- just to see.

Lo and behold, I loved it!

The wall with the bed was missing some style and an anchor. The relocated shelf on one side helped a little, but there's something about this white, feminine piece that lightens it all up.

Yes, it still needs to be styled-up a bit. I'm thinking of drilling a hole in the back to feed the ugly cords through. And I want to do a bunch of framed family pictures above it. But, it's a pretty addition to the bedroom.

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