Friday, June 13, 2014

So Fresh and So Green!

I just love my backyard in the Spring! Watching it go from grey and dreary to technicolor green is an annual miracle I don't take for granted. 

This year, I'm still concentrating on the perennial bed around the right side of my lawn. I've added some pink peony (4 new plants) and pretty salvia. And I planted that sunflower bed and can't wait to see what comes of it. I'm almost at the point where I'll need massive amounts of mulch to finish it off. I may need some help with that. 

Asiatic Lilies Will Be Bursting With Color Soon!
New Peony With Weed Guard. Next Step: LOTS of Mulch
Pretty Little Bell Flower Perennial Will Be Layered in Front of Salvia
With the cool weather and lots of rain, that backyard is just going to get greener!

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