Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Frozen Party for Princess Alice

This weekend we finally got around to celebrating Alice's 6th birthday with a party!

To save on costs, we did it at our house and she picked, no surprise, a Frozen theme. She was also very selective and decided to only three gals, as she didn't want it to get "too crazy." And Leah was allowed one friend to include at the party.

We played a few games, painted a craft and ran around in princess dresses for the two-hour soiree. We had planned to screen the Frozen movie for the last bit of it, but ran out of time.

As for the cake, I made a Devil's Food Chocolate Cake that turned out AWESOME, but, as usual, the chocolate icing didn't work out. It never quiet hardened, so it was more a liquid-y ganache that I poured over the cake 10 minutes before I served it. WILL I EVER FIGURE OUT ICING?!?!?

The Table, Almost Ready for Friends!

The Craft All Ready for Creative Kindergarteners!

And Benny Hiding Under the Table
A fun time was had by all, I think. And I fell asleep on the sofa for 10 minutes after they were all gone. Yay! 

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