Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Doors to the Backyard!

Hard-to-See Before Picture
Just by replacing the door with clean white trim and a new, sturdier rod, we really updated the look of the patio doors. Though, it may be impossible to tell from my dark Before picture. Oh well. 

That little white table in front (an Ikea find) is the future home of some serious winter herbs, but I've been a little lax in that department. Right now, it's holding the terrarium I'm trying really hard to keep alive. That's been taxing enough. 

And we're all happy to have the curtains back, that's for sure. Somedays, I just want to block out the look of our dirty, mossy deck. 

The windows, including this patio door, were definitely the biggest investment of 2014. But so well worth it to not feel that draft when walking past this door. 

Next year, our first house improvement will be a new, fully-functioning dishwasher. I look forward to pulling glasses out of the dishwasher not covered in soap-residue or peanut butter. Hooray! 

The Patio Doors - A New Look

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