Friday, January 9, 2015

My Weekend Project: More Hooks!

More hooks? That's right! I will never have enough hooks in my house. Never.

So, remember that board-and-batten entryway project? It was maybe my greatest idea ever! This long hallway is 800-times more useful now, especially in the winter with neighbor kids stopping by and dropping their wet coats on the floor -- oh, no more, you hooligans! Hang them!

The Entryway
I've been looking at the little wall to the right of the door, before the office entry and thinking it's all looking a little one-sided, you know? Off balance. In December, I used some left-over primed wood and nailed it up to the wall, mostly to see what it would look like. Me LIKEY! But, on man, that beige wall is KILLING me.

So, this weekend, despite the freezing weather, I'll be painting the wall, board and adding two more hooks to that side of the hall. We still need the ledge/shelf to finish off the top. And the "White Trim/Door" project continues. But, the room will feel more symmetrical when we're done.

Not to mention it's a pretty small, simple project ... that could also curb some of the early cabin fever. GAR do I hate winter.

Also this weekend, I have to get the sewing machine out and finish off the foxy quilt for my baby nephew! Sheesh.  

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