Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quilting Projects - An Update

This weekend I was hard at work quilting a fox patchwork quilt and viking panel quilt.

 Here's the layout for the fox quilt. The foxes with the navy blue background is the backing fabric. I consulted my Mom on these groupings and I think we came up with a good pattern -- though, do you think the yellow squares a little too BRIGHT! OVERPOWERING!? I'm going to really need to consider that in future projects. 
The binding will come from the backing fabric, I think. 

I fell in love with the fabric on the Viking Quilt -- so I didn't want to chop it up into small pieces. The dragons, especially, would be hard to see. So I crated three panels across, so you get the full view of the adorable Vikings and winged dragons. Pretty cool. 

Vikings and Dragons Oh My!

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