Thursday, March 17, 2016

Puppy Love

This week our neighbor who is fostering SEVEN newborn puppies at her house brought one to them bus stop and it was pandaemonium! Puppy love explosion! Not unwarranted ... those puppies were soft and sweet and Oh SO fun to hold. But, HELLO! We're dealing with an 8-month-old puppy at home NOW. Sure, he's not little and soft but he's biting his way through half the house and certainly acting like a puppy.

ANYWAY, yesterday Alice was so ticked off I wouldn't adopt one of Ms. Lydie's puppy she got on the bus without talking to me. Sigh.

I was ready for another argument this morning about why three dogs in our house was completely insane (two dogs in our house is leaning towards crazy, as it is). But Alice decided this morning, in one of her ruler-mandate-sort-of-ways that our family was "perfect the way it was and I don't want anything new added."

So fine.

Leah With One of the Puppies

Alice Pleased With Our Current Canine Companions

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