Friday, June 10, 2016

Seeking Madrid Hotel Room

Feeling super lucky right now, as I'm researching hotels for a trip to Madrid and Tenerife in the fall!!

I guess I go to Europe once a year now. La di da! 

Madrid has all these affordable boutique hotel apartments. With lots more space for a very similar price to a standard European shoebox hotel room. It can't be this good, right? And lots in Tenerife to be found, too. Though, we're opting to stay in Santa Cruz, so less in the mix.

A Photo From Our Madrid Hostel
The last time I was in Madrid was 2002 with my big sister. Like this trip, it was a quick stop over (just a few days) before getting to Tenerife where we have family. We were in our early 20s and stayed in a hostel near the Prado.

I dug out the journal I kept on that trip and wrote a lot about the old-world charm of Madrid, the cobblestoned streets, old buildings, large plazas. And the food, of course. Though, I was less adventurous in those days.

I was also impressed by how walkable the city was, so in picking a hotel this time around, I'm hoping to be a little closer to the Royal Palace. Which is the neighborhood I want to spend a little more time in.

But, really... I just can't wait to eat Serrano ham with every meal. Would that be over doing it?

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