Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Fireplace Project - Before and After

Wrapping up this project and feeling pretty good about it.

To recap, here's the BEFORE ... with that hideous square tile and brass fireplace insert. BLAH.

And here is the AFTER photo ... all updated and pretty ...

Overall, I give this project a "Moderate" on the difficulty scale. It was my first time grouting, and demoing out the old tile on the floor got sweaty and messy. But otherwise the project used the tools and skills I already had. And I was lucky because I got to talk to an "expert" before I got underway and I think that feedback was crucial.

As far as budget, I spent about $360 and most of that was on the tile materials. So not a hefty price tag for a thing I look at every single day.

And I love the end result. The room has more texture and a better overall feel. That tile looked like it belonged in a bathroom! And our huge sofa looks better somehow, too.

The next question ... should I paint the white trim of the fireplace???

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