Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

Here are a few things that are making me happy today ...

- I'm eating up all this news about Fifty Shades of Grey. The good and bad reviews are fun to read. I say YAY to big Romance movies, I'm tried of bloody violent super heroes. (Though, no, I haven't seen it yet.)

- The Oscars are this weekend. I love the glamour and ditz of the red carpet and a live awards show where movie stars mingle. (Though, I love the Golden Globes a lot more.)

- In social media news, I started following hotdudesreading on instagram and @RealCarrotFacts on twitter and they make my day with every update.

- Also on Social Media, my favorite characters from the Raven Cycle series have twitter accounts and I'm following them and-they-are-following-me-and-that-all-kind-of hurts my brain a little. Are they REAL? (heh)

- The highlight of my weekend might be replacing my sewing box and reorganizing all the tools therein. Craft boxes are on sale at Michael's right now.

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