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Baby Day!!!!

I remember this day all too well with Alice. You're excited. You're nervous. You wish things would go quicker so you can stop being pregnant! Then you enter the delivery room, see the shiny instruments laid out like a horror movie and you want to flee. Fast. Now. But the need to NOT be pregnant anymore outweighs thoughts of flight. And you just want to meet this little girl you've been dreaming about for what feels like years. You'll get to hold her. Soon.

Good luck Albertons! We're excited to meet the new addition to our family. 
And here she is:

News From the Battlefield

Now that we overcame a huge hurdle, we're in a rush to get out of the old house and into the new one in the next two weeks. (!!)

That's not a lot of time.

So we're dividing to conquer:

Dave is working the phones, settling issues with lawyers, real estate agents, sellers, mortgage guys and all else -- as he's on the frontline.

On the homefront, I've got a list of house fixes the inspector found that need to be dealt with under the conditions of the buyout. I need a plumber, a mason, a general carpenter and perhaps a chimney guy -- depending on how this all goes. They need to be in and out before I am, so we've got to rush them through.

(Not to mention preparing for the holidays and all the lovely stress that this time of the year brings.)

At least we're moving forward!

My Husband is Getting Old

Happy Birthday to the best husband and father in the entire world. You're OOOOOOLD today!

Perks of Being Waylaid

One good thing about our long delay... we didn't miss the Guster show at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair. (See earlier post about missing them.)

Spectacular show! They played ALL of my favorite songs. Dave and I danced the night away. But we needed Maggie to complete the tradition. Where were you MAGGIE?!

Could Today Be the Day?

We've been waiting patiently for a decision from the Company ... and it sounds like it's coming today.

I'm on the edge of my seat. I'm biting my nails.

What if... What if... What if....

Meet the MET

On this unseasonably warm day, the family jumped into the car early and checked out the Metropolitan Museum of Art (listed on my post about places to visit before we move).

I have always wanted to take advantage of the classes they have for kids, so we participated in the 11:00 Start With Art program targeted to 3-5 year-olds.

Before meeting up with the class, we walked through the Greek and Roman galleries and Alice was amused by all the "tushies."

The MET is someplace I have visited many times. If you visited me (pre-kids) I likely dragged you to the MET. I had several of the wings memorized. And I'm continually awed by what is there. This is the first time I've taken the kids there, and it was definitely memorable. They were very good. Showed interested in the art we pointed out to them and had some fun things to say about the little things they notice. But, being so little, they only lasted a very few hours. We didn't get to see all my favorite things, but we…

Our Week...

Still waiting on some decisions but we're certainly keeping busy.

Jersey Things To Do...

It occurred to me on the drive to the farm for eggs (I missed the farmer's market on Saturday ... and farm-fresh eggs just taste better!) that there are a few special places in the area that I really want to visit before we skedaddle.

Here's my working list (and, yes, I'm fully aware of what a geek I am):

- The Thomas Edison Lab: you can walk the lab Edison actually used to make all the cool stuff we take for granted -- phone, tv, movies! And it's just 20 minutes down the road in West Orange. Not sure what I'll do with the kids while I totally indulge my nerd side, but don't think I'll let it stop me.

- George Washington's Headquarters in Morristown: Again, just 20 minutes away is the winter camp that housed General Washington and his army during the Revolutionary War. You can walk around the estate he stayed and strategized. I'm not a crazy Revolutionary War buff, but how can you not see that?

- The Metropolitan Museum of Art: My own mecca -- a plac…

Operation: Action for Alice

This week our mission will be to find more exciting activities for Alice to do while Leah is at school. Unfortunately, I'm just not that entertaining. With working part-time and keeping the house clean and laundry going, there's not a lot of time to put together a rigorous curriculum for Alice -- who craves schedule and stimulation.

So, we're looking into temporary Pre-K programs that she can join for the next month ... as her parents get their act together.

Cancel Halloween!?

Due to the terrible storm the towns in the area postponed trick or treating to Friday. Well, try to explain that to preschoolers who has been talking about being Blueberry Muffin for weeks. We were at the Wolffs this year so we decided to hit a few houses -- which slowly turned into a few more.
We may do a few houses on Friday too. Why not!?