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My Pretty Bowl

I have a favorite bowl.

Like all favorite things, this one has a story. I bought this little white bowl at Pier 1 my junior year of college in Newport, Rhode Island. It felt grown up to buy a pretty white bowl that I could use in my dorm. And I was thrilled it was something I could afford. Almost two decades later, it has been moved to new kitchens, survived a few drops -- one resulting in a chip -- and the enamel is wearing away. Which just makes it all the more appealing.

It's the perfect size for a small serving of cereal, or yogurt with fruit or a generous helping of ice cream. And fits nicely into the palm of my hand.

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YA Movies and John Green

Today the trailer for Paper Towns came out. And it looks pretty awesome and like it followed the book very closely and that's exciting. It was a really fabulous book.

And speaking of John Green, I finally sort-of "watched" his last book-turned-movie The Fault in Our Stars because it was on HBO last night.

We all know I can't watch nor read incredibly depressing stories. And kids with cancer falling in love is enough to make sad and crabby for a few days while I sort out all those emotions. But, I was really curious about the love story (John Green writes incredible love stories) and who dies at the end and how. So, I flipped the movie on (it was on HBO), got to the point of tears, and turned to another channel until I was more composed. Returned to Hazel and Gus, got weepy, turned to another channel. And repeat for two hours to get to the end.

Anyway, it's important to me, a YA fan, to watch and support movies based on YA books. Because, really, there should be A…

Yoga and I -- 20 Years Later

This year marks a big anniversary for me -- a yogaversery!

I took my first yoga class 20 years ago this summer. It was in Minnesota and the instructor -- there are very few certified yoga instructors then -- was an older man who was a crazy-strict yogi. He would come by my mat often to make adjustments and SHOVE my back down so I could reach my toes. But I was stressed that summer and twisting my body up like a pretzel and focusing on breathing was such good medicine. I fell in love with yoga right then and there. 
Yoga was just becoming a "thing" back then. So, I was kinda an odd duck for practicing. Look at it now! 
Since, I've practiced yoga in six different states and even more studios, and it's been fun to look back at all the places and people I learned from.

In California, I took Hatha classes with a crunchy old hippie focused on chakras and "worshipping" your body. There was also an older women who taught retirees at the local YMCA. She liked teasi…

Time to Order Seeds

... Well, likely past the time to order seeds. But I'm a direct-sow kinda girl so anytime before Mother's Day is a good time.

Hoping to get the radishes and lettuce out soon -- as I'm told they can go in after the snow melts.

We'll hit the garden center in May for all the baby plants, too. I usually get tomatoes and peppers this way. And I'm thinking of experimenting with peppermint -- in a pot on the patio, of course.

Starting to really think Spring here!

Ode to My Boots

As I sit here, the snow if melting and the sun in shining ... I'm starting to have visions of spring. I hate winter, so I'm not too sad to see it go.

However, I am sad to put away my most favorite thing about winter ... these boots.

Last fall, I started shopping for boots to get me through the dreary winter months and found two that I loved on Zappos. I sent links and sizes to my husband for easy Hanukkah shopping. (See? I'm a good wife.) I didn't know WHICH I'd get, but I would have been happy with either.

I got these lovely Sorels in a wine and grey color.

I wore them EVERYWHERE this winter. They looked awesome with my skinny jeans, and great with tights. I could wear them with or without socks. I even brought them to San Diego over Christmas and wore them in the morning and evenings when the temps dipped.

And they got compliments everywhere I went. Ugg boots, you see them everywhere. But these Sorels are unique and practical.

I won't miss the biting cold or …

Update: Frog Captured

Ok folks, I put on my big-girl pants and purple dish-washing gloves and I grabbed that frog out of my sump pump well. OH YES I DID!

I'm the top of the food chain, you little slimy jerk!

He went for a little walk across the street and into the retention area, where he's probably got some friends. He even posed for a few pictures.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to check the well for family member. I'm also told that black salamanders are pretty common in drainpipes, so I have that to look forward too, as well. Super!

And no, I will never use this container again. Ever. It's tainted.

Spring in My Basement

My basement (unfinished, thankfully) flooded a little bit this week. Mostly because large amounts of snow is finally melting but also because my sump pump is old and wheezy. And also because there are FROGS in my sump pump. FROGS IN MY SUMP PUMP.

So many questions: Where did they come from? How long have they been there? How many of them are there? Will they emerge and play with the Legos?

Of course I did the only normal thing TO do when faced with slimy possibly-somewhat-hibernating frogs; I asked my 14-year-old neighbor/dog-walker to fish them out of my sump pump. I GAVE HER GLOVES, geez. And I unplugged the sump pump. I'm not a monster.

But she's a better dog walker than a frog catcher -- or the frogs are just super-crafty -- and she caught NONE of them. So I promptly fired her; from frog catching. She can have my dog.

So there are still frogs in my sump pump well. But I'm able to unclog the pump enough to empty it out and not pour more snowy water into my basement. And…

The Cabinet of My Dreams

I have been drooling over this Crate and Barrel cabinet since we moved into this house. And the more white I incorporated into our dining room, the more I wanted it.

Right after Christmas I decided to do it. Get it. It's MINE. But then, Crate and Barrel made me wait THREE months to deliver it. Apparently, it's a very popular little cabinet.

We picked it up within two days of hearing it was finally available. Happy dance!

Originally, I had thought about using this cabinet for serving pieces -- to move them out of my kitchen where they are taking up valuable cabinet space. Then there are the Spode dishes to consider. Glassware? Well, I'll try and few things and see what works. For now, I'm just happy to see it finally in its rightful place.

There's a space on the other side of the white buffet, too ... dare I get two and go for a symmetrical look? Hmmm.

Sewing With Alice

I snapped this photo just before I sat down with Alice for her first little sewing lesson. And it's possibly the world's most beautiful picture -- of a kid at a sewing machine. Clearly, I need to quit my job and Instagram/Photograph people sewing for the rest of my life.