Thursday, March 19, 2015

YA Movies and John Green

Today the trailer for Paper Towns came out. And it looks pretty awesome and like it followed the book very closely and that's exciting. It was a really fabulous book.

And speaking of John Green, I finally sort-of "watched" his last book-turned-movie The Fault in Our Stars because it was on HBO last night.

We all know I can't watch nor read incredibly depressing stories. And kids with cancer falling in love is enough to make sad and crabby for a few days while I sort out all those emotions. But, I was really curious about the love story (John Green writes incredible love stories) and who dies at the end and how. So, I flipped the movie on (it was on HBO), got to the point of tears, and turned to another channel until I was more composed. Returned to Hazel and Gus, got weepy, turned to another channel. And repeat for two hours to get to the end.

Anyway, it's important to me, a YA fan, to watch and support movies based on YA books. Because, really, there should be A LOT more movies like Paper Towns which has an overall positive and life-affirming message than movies like Gone Girl and Kingsman which just demonstrate great ways to kill people. (Is that bad to say?)

So, the movie for Paper Towns comes out this summer, so you have a few months to read the book and laugh and cry (a little) and love/hate Margo and imaging the largest collection of black Santas before you see it all come to live on the big screen.

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