Friday, February 6, 2015

It's Family Room February!

I'm so excited I'm nearly bursting! This month we'll finally be doing some major redecorating in our family room.

Family Room - The BEFORE Picture
Let's review the to do list:

-- Paint those AWFUL beige walls. Painters will be here next week. Teehee!

-- Replace the sofa with a newer one ... as posted earlier this week.

-- Replace the coffee table (which isn't sooo bad) with the matching ottoman.

-- The Legos that took up the space behind the sofa have been relocated to the basement. What will go there now, I ask myself.

-- The matching armchair that was by the yellow lamp in the corner has found a new home in our bedroom. Another design dilemma in that little space. What belongs there?

-- And if I'm feeling sew-y, I have material for the valences on the new windows flanking the fireplace. It could happen.

-- Then rearranging all the little decorative stuff around the room. That's aways fun.

BEFORE: The View From Behind the Sofa
All details to follow on various posts coming up ... so stay tuned.

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