Sunday, February 22, 2015

My New Sewing Toy!

Me and My Honey 2003
First, let's flashback to the Christmas of 2003. I was dating THIS guy and out of now where he buys me a Singer sewing machine as a gift. I don't recall ever hinting about wanting one or pointing it out at Target. I really don't. So I was pretty darn surprised when I opened it up.

I mean, what BOY buys a GIRL a sewing machine?

So, obviously, I married him.

Meanwhile, I learned all that I know on my new machine, creating a ton of projects from kid's clothes to curtains. It was dependable, light and very simple to use. And one of my favorite all-time Christmas gifts. Thank you, honey!

Opening My Singer
So, flash forward to this weekend and my Singer of 12 years throws in the towel, just as I was about to start the quilt for baby Leo. Jammed gears and no ability to reverse join the tension control that gave up months ago. I consult my Mom and she concurs, it's time for a new machine. Oh joy!

A few years ago in New Jersey I took a sewing class and used a Janome machine. It purred like a kitten and was so much easier to drive than my old Singer. I knew then and there that if I was ever going to need a new machine, I'd try for a Janome.

Could I have waited a few days and shopped around? Sure! But I knew what I wanted -- a non-digital, simple machine that had a few more fun stitches for quilting. After reading some reviews and a quick web search for a Janome dealer in my area -- and I was heading over to Lake Villa after Leah's play practice. They had a MyStyle 100 and it was on sale.


The salesman helped me thread it and walked me through the simple gears and stitch options. I even traded-in my Singer for a free cleaning/tune up on my new machine next year. What a great little sewing machine!

Hello World!
I unboxed my new toy immediately and got to work on baby Leo's quilt. Hooray!

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