Saturday, February 14, 2015

No Happily-Ever-After Ending in Outlander?

Um, I'm starting to get the feeling there isn't a happily-ever-after ending for Claire and Jaime -- as evidenced by the latest trailer for the second half of season 1. (Coming out the week of my birthday, thankyou!)

I haven't read the books and I've been avoiding it mostly because I enjoyed the first part of the season so much I don't want to spoil anything. But I see things like this and I think I should pick up the books and just get it over with. The anticipation is killing me. KILLING ME.

I bought the book. And it taunts me, when my thoughts stray to this story. "Read me and find out ...."

What more is in store for these two? I'm Team Jamie all the way (Frank? Really? As if.) And I don't mind drama as long as it's happy at the end. I've spent too much time thinking about this. How does it end!

Wait! Don't tell me.

Also ... you need to see this.

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