Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quilting Project Ready to Roll

Well, the two quilt projects I've been working on all month are done and ready to get to their respective baby boys. Though they are both far from perfect, they're as good as they're going to get.

In this quilting thing, I like how the work is segmented:

First, is the creative part where you organize and plan the quilt. I like putting the pieces together and attempt to make them "make sense." It's satisfying to pick a theme and see it go from yards of fabric to a cohesive (mostly) unit. This part taxes my brain a little, as there's no clue that I'm done, it's just when I feel satisfied with what I have laid out in front of me.

The second part is construction; sewing those pieces together. Something always goes amiss at this step and I'm usually reworking some part of the quilt. For example, I don't sew the rows perfectly straight, or I've cut crooked or I'm not sewing tight enough and holes emerge between the squares. Sigh. There's plenty of room to improve in this step.

Last, it's the handwork of actually "quilting" the fabrics together. This step stresses out my fingers, usually draws a little blood but finishes off the quilt. I like that I can do this while watching evening TV with David. There's often a few "ouch!" from my side of the sofa as I jab another finger with the needle. And my stitches are not the uniform rows they should be, but I'm improving there, too.

Next quilt is for another baby boy ... that's the fourth boy in a row ... named Leo. I looked for cool LION (Leo = Lion) fabric, but didn't find anything that wasn't really cheesy. So, I'm going with a comic book theme, as that's what his dad would like.

More on that later ...

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