Saturday, June 24, 2017

What I'm Digging - June Edition

My update is this: I'm home this summer and working with a few clients on a few part-time writing/researching projects, so that's pretty cool. A good start. I'm also selling cabi clothing and that's been fun and challenging, and gives me a community to be a member of, which I like.

Here are the other things I'm liking right now ...

Mina and Karen On My TV
HGTV continues to be my go-to for TV programming. I'm not sure how I'd unwind without the good folks bringing me more home fixer-upper shows than I have time to watch. Recently, I binged the entire first season of Good Bones on demand. The new season also just started, so I've got some new episodes waiting for me to enjoy. I love how capable Mina and Karen are, they're mixed up family and their positivity. And they're brilliant designers and builders. I would immediately buy one of their houses if I lived in Indianapolis.

Also, have you seen Home Town? There's only a few episodes of this gem of a show, that's similar to Fixer Upper but with a more down-south disposition. Erin and Ben are instantly adorable and genuine. I fall from them with every episode I watch.

This week the girls are taking a day camp at the Chicago Botanic Garden, which is a 30 minute drive. I found Wow in the World, a podcast created by NPR and it's brilliant. The girls are completely in love with the Guy Raz and Mindy and I love the conversations the show starts. Like moving to the moon! Or how long ago dinosaurs lived. Or how COOL scientists are because they're job is to be curious. Unfortunately, the podcast just started, so we've quickly listened through what's available.

Lastly, a quick shout out to the Tile on our Apple TV remote. That remove it TINY and is often getting eaten by the sofa or wandering off to other rooms. I attached a Tile to it a few years ago and it has saved us a few times from tearing up the whole house to find it. Also, I've used it a few times to locate my iPhone, which it's linked up to. Just press the Tile, and my phone rings. Genius.

On a side note, I've noticed these chunky wooden beads and messages on felt boards are everywhere for home decor. Are they having a "moment" or is it just me? Also, I can't get enough of "The Obvious Child" by Paul Simon. It's on heavy rotation on my Amazon Echo.

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