Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Book Release Day

I love those days when a sequel I've been WAITING for ... for a book I've been thinking about since I finished it ... finally comes out. It feels like my birthday!

The following has been circling through my head since March: What happens next? He just opens the door??? What? WHAT! 

Well, the wait is over. It's here. The sequel in this two-part YA romance-a-thon. Joy! 

Don't call me this weekend. I'm locking the doors. Putting on a princess movie marathon for the girls and will be reading. Until it's done. And I'm sobbing or somersaulting. 

"Just One Day" followed by "Just One Year" - Read Them
Funny story: When I finished the first one I immediately emailed a fellow YA reader friend in NYC that I hadn't emailed in a while (Diane). It was a short note. It said READ THIS! She wrote back a week later: with anger. How could I make her read a swoon-worthy book with the sequel so far away!? Anyway, two days ago I get an email out of the blue from Diane ... celebrating two days until the release. See? I'm not the only YA book nerd out there. ;)

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