Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spookier Entryway

I wanted to spookify the entry way for the Halloween party in a few weeks, so I got this lovely fabric, added some hem and laid it out on the console table. It will be the first thing visitors see as they enter the house -- setting the mood.

Or something like that.

In three quick and easy steps:  First, iron a hem into the fabric. This makes sewing sooooo much easier. If you need a metaphor, it's like taping up the baseboards before you paint. It's tedious, but it makes painting go faster and cleaner.

On the Ironing Board
Second, run it through the sewing machine using corresponding thread. You'll likely need to iron the whole thing again once it's all sewn. I got 3 yards of this, so it's long and got wrinkly when I pre-washed it. 

It's This Fabric Cute!?
Third, arrange on the entryway console table. Add spider webs and spooky accessories. 

Welcome to Our Sort-Scary House!
There's nothing like 40% off fabric -- especially Halloween-themed!

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