Monday, October 21, 2013

The Mermaid Tail Tale

This weekend we had some special guests from New Jersey -- Grandma and PopPop! It was a great visit and a very busy weekend. We went on the Jelly Belly factory tour, had brunch at Wildberry, Grandma watched ballet practice and we gave a quick driving tour of downtown Chicago with lunch at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders. YUM! I'm still full.

Mermaid Tail - Pining
Meanwhile, I'm still sewing costumes! I finished Leah's owl tutu -- so I think her Halloween ensemble is now complete.

Then Alice got into her head that she wants to be a mermaid, using some shiny, scale fabric she spotted at Jo-Ann's. But, with "just a bra. It's okay if everyone sees my belly button."

Not in this climate.

So, we've compromised, and she's going to be the agreed-upon wizard for trick-or-treating, then change into Ariel the mermaid for the Halloween party. Similar to a wardrobe change employed by most pop music divas.  This means, I have to quickly sew up a mermaid tail.

And quick!

"Halloween" trick or treating is next Sunday!

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