Monday, February 2, 2015

Lots and Lots of Snow

Well, Mother Nature did not disappoint in her latest winter storm. Over a foot of snow fell on Sunday keeping us indoors for the whole day (19 inches, I'm told). I like being stuck in the house, so this was not a horrible way to spend a Sunday. Especially since I had a well-stocked kitchen and no where to be.

Not to mention the hours and hours of Super Bowl programming.

Ahhhh winter. I hate you but I kinda enjoy your perks, at the same time.

This morning, they cancelled school so we could dig out our driveways. This year -- actually, only a few weeks ago -- we purchased a little snow blower (Dave got tennis elbow from shoveling almost every weekend last year). And this morning that little baby paid for itself. Hurray!

The sun was shining but it was only in the single digits -- so this snow isn't melting anytime soon.

The New Snow Blower!

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