Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Shopping for My Girls

With each season comes the opportunity to do some shopping for my girls. They continue to grow like weeds -- especially Alice. Her feet keep skipping shoe sizes!

Anyway, there's nothing I love more than scouring my favorite kid clothing sites for some adorable clothes. And even though shorts and t-shirts are most needed for summer camp, it's more fun to look at dresses!

Hannah Anderson is my current favorite place to shop for "good" essentials, especially the leggings, because they hold up soooo well. This little nautical outfit is on Leah's Spring list. I'm completely in love with it, too. And they've got red corp leggings to go with it.

Hannah Anderson: Ribbon Sundress
While packing for Orlando a few weeks ago, I discovered Leah has NO summer dresses that fit her. So we hit the mall Saturday evening to see what we could find on sale. Leah just got this green dress from the Gap that's one of her favorite colors.

Gap: Floral Bloom Flutter Dress

While Alice, who tends to be a little fancier, picked out this purple dress on sale at Gymboree from their clearance Easter Sunday collection. I'm sure she'll end up wearing it for weekend playdates.

Gymboree: Embroidered Dress
She also got this overall dress at the Gap that she's worn twice since we brought it home. It's her absolutely favorite thing and it makes her feel "very fashionable."

Gap: Denim Skirt Overall 

But seriously, off to look for the essentials. They can't wear sundresses to camp this summer -- as much as they'll probably try.

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