Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wizards at Universal

We took a quick trip down to Universal Studios over the weekend. And while the weather was chilly for Florida at 65 during the day, it was lovely to be in the sun without hats, mittens and boots.

But more importantly, the Harry Potter experience is basically heaven on Earth for Potter fans. The attention to detail! The shops! The food! To quote Ace Ventura (as I often do) "this is my Graceland, sir." Well worth the price of admission. Alice would have gone on the Hogwarts Express ride 20 times in a day, if she could. It was that amazing.

The rest of Universal parks are pretty cool, too. Lots to do and see. And it wasn't a crazy-busy time of year, so the lines weren't nuts. Fantastic family getaway.

HAD to Get These Hogwarts-Bound Wizards Robes and Wands!
We also got to see my Grams who recently relocated near Orlando and bring her lots of flowers.

We're heading back to Orlando in a few weeks but with no park passes, we're looking forward to relaxing in the sun, rather than racing around. We do enough of that at home. 

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