Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Second Bench for the Entryway

I had various scenarios for my birthday weekend that got changes several times when Dave's trip to Paris was cancelled and my out-of-town brother and girlfriend arrived at my surprise party (a very happy surprise).

And in one scenario, I had thought spending time at Ikea on my birthday might be loads of fun. Besides, I told Dave, that second bench in the entryway has been on my mind for at least a year. I'd love to get the second one, get them painted together and check that off my house to-do list.

And Dave looked at me funny and asked why I haven't just ordered it and have it shipped like everything else in the house  -- from toothpaste to paper towels. And I frowned and said I didn't want to pay the shipping charges. But I went on to the Ikea website anyway and decided $24 to ship a bench that I haven't been able to rearrange my precious weekend schedule enough to commit to the hour-drive to the nearest Ikea and deal with the loading lot (nightmare, right?!) wasn't too unreasonable.

So, yeah, it's now on the way to my house. Happy birthday to me!

One Lonely Bench in Need of a Friend

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