Monday, April 11, 2016

This is 40

Yup. 40.

I know.

I'm doing just fine with it, actually. You can't stop the flow of time, it's ridiculous to deny the years, but you CAN make the most of your days. Isn't there a poetic saying about that somewhere?

Dave threw a SURPRISE birthday party for me on Friday night at my favorite restaurant. It wasn't something I would have done for myself. But I loved it. It was fun and great to chat with friends all night and eat pizza and drink wine. And not have any of the stress of planning it. Perfect.

And now I know why Dave thought next weekend for Leah's party made more sense. heh.

It's My Party!
I love birthdays and the weekend was so fun. And the next year will be just as exciting. Besides, I always like even years better. 

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