Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Election That We All Lost

I have clear memories of 2000 election and the horror I felt when Gore lost. That feeling has followed me around each election year, as I go in knowing there's always a chance it won't go my way.

That feeling is nothing compared to the disappointment I feel now. First, because I have to explain it to my daughters. And second, because I have to try to understand it for myself.

So, where to do we from here?

This is what I know: a President doesn't have absolute power in our democracy. He's got to work with the two other branches of government to get anything done. He (adding "or she" continues to be frustratingly unnecessary) needs the support of his party and, for most legislation to pass, bipartisan support. He can't get a Supreme Court judge elected without a hearing and a simple majority.  From all that I've read and seen, Mr. Trump does not have that support. He belittled the GOP for the last 16 months while campaigning. And I can't imagine a Democrat will cross party lines to join him in any pointless legislation. This reality will keep him very ineffective.

Yup, he's got authority over the Executive branch (are you all remembering junior high Political Science classes?) but even that is checked.

The last thing I'll say here is we put our President under incredible scrutiny. Think back to all the awful rumors, accusations, daily barbs, jabs, etc. thrown at every president in the past 50 years. This isn't a position for hot-headedness. It requires a spine of steal, which was a trait President Obama had in spades. Trump doesn't seem like a particularly thick-skinned man. And he's not a career politician who is used to being under such daily public watch. I foresee the frustration of the bureaucracy in Washington, having to collaborate with GOP party leaders, the challenge to his 100-day "agenda" will all chip away at him. He's got no experience in creating policy and he'll soon learn D.C. isn't run like a fortune 500 company.

For example, that Wall doesn't stand a chance; not with legislation needed to pay for it, agreement with the four state governments it will run through and consent from the Mexican government to pay for it. Empty promises from the future president, my friends.

Spread tolerance. Love. Speak out when it's wrong. We'll get through this.

And know ... somewhere in this country of ours ... a woman heard Secretary Clinton's concession speech and is planning. Oh is she ever planning. Ladies, our time will come.

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