Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1st Annual Halloween Party!

The town we moved to in Illinois does Trick or Treating the Sunday before the actual Halloween. WHY?! To "keep the kids safe." Because, you know, it's terrible dangerous to walk around your neighborhood at twilight. And to not disrupt dinner or our normal after school/work chaos.

It's total bunk. 

They're in just as much danger wandering around on a Sunday afternoon. They're still knocking on stranger's doors begging for candy -- day or night. 

We played along last year and it was a total let down. The girls begged all Sunday morning to get in their costumes -- which we did after lunch. It took them all of 20 minutes to get into costume and face paint. We headed out at 2:30 and as we hit up the neighborhood for free candy. But no jack 'o lanterns were lit. The scary lighting and music neighbors had strung up where summarily ignored. And we were back at the house less than an hour later -- completely DONE with Halloween.

That's was it? Even I was disappointed. 

So this year I decided to throw a bash! Get the kids and their parents over to our house, see their costumes, eat more sugar and run around in the backyard in the -- dare I even suggest it? -- dark!!! Halloween is supposed to be a little creepy and ... well ... dark! 

At 5:00, once our government-mandated Trick or Treat hours were over (*eye roll*), I invited a bunch of Leah and Alice's buddies over for some games and fun. I spent the last few weekend decorating the house and stringing creepy webs on everything.

Fancy Utensil Basket

Scary Spider, Which Leah Named Annie, For No Reason

I Strung Up a Bunch of Paper Globes

Baked Goods for the Party
A total success and surely the beginning of a tradition.

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