Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nicole is My Hero!

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I'm addicted to "Addicted to Rehab." I'll admit it.

Watching tiny Nicole Curtis tear it up in historic homes in Minneapolis is what good TV is all about. "I just want brick!"

And she inspires me. If that teeny little women can fix a broken window, hang chandeliers and scrap-up old tile, why can't I? And I think I've tackled a lot of home projects that I likely would not have, or been nervous to, if I didn't think Nicole could do it, too.

I'm not blind. She's clearly working with a team of carpenters and other skilled men. And I love how she bosses them all around. (Glee!) So I'm not going to tear down a wall, or start retiling the kitchen. I'm not crazy. Nicole's just a good role model.

Although, I need to remember this is her full-time job. She doesn't work full-time at an office and have young kids to distract her. And she's got the advantage of commercial breaks and time-lapse filming. That bathroom might take her six days or six weeks to complete. So, the bunk bed I started to refinish last month -- sure, Nicole would have finished it. But that would have been all she did last week.

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