Thursday, February 20, 2014

Favorite Fridays

This is the friggin BEST!

On Fridays I work from home, thus allowing Leah to take the bus home just that one day a week. And I absolutely love love love it.

I'm giddy watching the clock starting at noon. I count down the minutes during the afternoon meetings until it's not "too early" to start standing at the bus stop. My heart soars watching her jump off the bus with her trademark happy-go-lucky stride. My Leah!

Although, Leah has started to ban me from coming to the bus stop. "No other parents are waiting." It's starting already!!!??! So last week I took "Benny for a walk" at the same time as the bus -- coincidence! She didn't mind.

Benny Says Hi After the School Day
Wouldn't it be just PERFECTION if she could take the bus everyday?! Sigh. 

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