Monday, February 17, 2014

Summer Planning Time Already

Can you believe I already have to consider this? We're sitting in a sub-zero polar vortex and I have to register for summer camps.

Last year I was conceiving the idea of my two week stay-cation at this time. Coming up with a plan to take two weeks out of the summer for family time -- putting the girls in more interesting classes/activities and taking advantage of fun summer activities. (And, it worked and was totally awesome!)

Now that I have a full time job that I really like, I can't be so cavalier in my summer planning. Though, I have spotted a week with a soccer camp I want both ladies to attend. Could I negotiate to work from home for the week? Let's hope so. 

This year I'm also stepping away from the day care summer programming and putting both girls into the township's Parks and Rec camp. We didn't think they had such a great time in the day care program last year -- not enough activities or outdoors time. Particularly Alice, who didn't get weekly trips to the pool like Leah did. A sprinkler ... that was it.

The Parks and Rec have a huge summer camp program with tons of activities. And though I hear there are A LOT of kids who participate -- and it basically looks like a 4-feet termite infestation on the playground -- at least they're spending the day outside. And really, my goal is to tire them out every day. So, limited indoor activities should do it!

I'm also starting to list ideas for my 100 Days of Summer 2014 edition poster. There are still so many local attractions in the Wisconsin-Illinois area that we haven't taken advantage of. And possible day trips or quick weekend jaunts. Hope to check off more on that list.

All this summer planning makes the snow and cold even more miserable. Is it too early think Spring thoughts?

Dear Summer, We Miss You!

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