Monday, June 2, 2014

Greenthumb Sunday

I was a busy bee on Sunday! I rolled out of bed and hit the front annual bed before it got too hot to be in the sun. While the girls rode bikes and chalked up the driveway, I dug and planted like a madwoman. I tried some new things this year, purple and red verbena and some taller white geraniums in the back. A few zinnias, too. Can't wait to see it all fill in.

BEFORE: Front Garden is Plotted Out with Three Flats of Flowers

AFTER: Front Garden Watered and Ready to Grow
Then, I headed back to the veg and herb gardens. I tried to wait until dinnertime but by 2pm the girls begged for the slip n' slide. So while they played water games to keep cool, I planted everything we got at the garden center on Saturday morning.  And sweated. It was nearly 90 degrees! The dog even gave up on being outside, and found a cool place to sleep.

Not only did the veg get planted and a few seeds (not all yet) sown, I also hit the sunflower bed I plotted out back by the pine trees. Wild poppies, too. If they grow tall enough, they'll provide a pretty cool screen from the neighbor's house. More on that later.

One Satisfied Gardener
On top of all that, at 11am Alice had a playdate party with three of her gal pals from school. It's the last week of school, so thought this was the last opportunity to have them over before we scatter to different kindergartens this fall. Alice asked them all to wear their PJs (don't ask me why).  I made cinnamon coffee cake, cut some berries and served chocolate milk. Alice was the perfect hostess, and we all had a great time.

Meanwhile, Leah disappeared to the neighbors house. "I don't want to hang out with all those 5-year-olds." Big sisters, sheesh.

Alice with Angelina, Siena and Olivia
I could have used one more day this weekend, as none of my inside projects got a second glance. Sigh.

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