Friday, June 13, 2014

Vamos Espana!

I am, by no meaning of the term, a Sports Junkie. I have a hard time sitting still through any sporting event. And I don't have the patience to follow stats or players or long seasons of whatever the sport is at any time of the year.

But, every four years, for the World Cup, I get as close to a Sports Junkie as I will ever get. I love watching soccer at this level. I get so jazzed about the country vs. country competition. I love cheering for the Spanish national team (my birthplace). Over the last eight years, I've gotten to know the players and the style of play and it's all the more exciting.

Also, the nice thing about national teams, is the players don't move around to other teams, like they do in club leagues. Every four years, if they're healthy and haven't retired, they'll be playing. So it's easy to keep track of good players from the different countries. And recall their last matchups.

And it's every four years, so I can really binge on it for a few weeks -- get nearly as fanatical about sports that I get -- and then it's gone for a few years.

Vamos Espana!

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