Monday, October 20, 2014

Giving - A Rant

I'm annoyed. Like, truly annoyed. 

This year I sent out two care packages to folks I thought would really appreciate them. First, to my cousin who got married in April. Ok, it took me a few weeks to get it in the mail and I MAY have forgotten to get her RSVP out by the deadline, too. But that's my life. So I bought a bunch of cute kitchen stuff, wrapped it attractively in a box and included a personal card to congratulate her on her wedding. 

It took some time and effort, people. And I got nary a word back to say We Got It! Or Thanks! Or anything. I mean, is it so hard to drop a Thank You note in the mail? 

Now, too much time has passed to comfortably drop a subtle Facebook message to be all "hey, happy holidays, and did you get our wedding gift? Should I have included a box of Thank You cards?" I'm just disappointed. 

So this August we stayed with some friends in Portland and were just horrible houseguests. I mean, there is four of us, we're unorganized and it was hot and they did an admirable job of dealing and made the trip really enjoyable. I came up with a few things I wanted to to send them as a Thank You on our flight home. And I was pretty prompt about putting that care package together -- complete with homemade curtain and superhero apron for their adorable son. And a few cookbooks I had referenced, too. 

Do I get a little note saying Thanks for my efforts? Nope. Nada. I had Dave text his friend just to make sure it arrived and he confirmed it did, Thanks and his wife would contact me. But no. Nothing again. 

Two in one year? I'm a little put out now by the idea of giving at all. What's the point? No one appreciates it or show gratitude in some form. Don't throw me a parade but a simple Thank You will do. It's not like I sit around twiddling my thumbs looking for things to do. 

Is this why I don't have any friends? 

Do people not say thanks for a Thank You sent to them? I see the redundancy but maybe a You're Welcome, instead? 

Anyway, it's now the holidays and I'll be sending a few care packages. One to our Thanksgiving hosts for putting up with us -- we got them sick so it's especially meaningful. They usually text a Thanks. Then, I always send small box of books and flowers to my cousins in Minnesota but I'm not expecting anything in return, they are Bubble People -- in which they ignore anyone not in their narrow world. And I've accepted that years ago. 

As for the rest, my family isn't doing holiday gifts this year, as we're all traveling to California. Though, my sisters gush Thank Yous for anything I send them. I get phone calls and they go on about the costumes I send, or whatever. They care. 

Anyway, I think I'm done ranting on this subject. I feel a minor bit better. 

So, hey, if someone goes to the trouble of putting a box together for you of stuff -- especially if it's me -- a THANK YOU is truly appreciated. OK? 

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