Monday, October 6, 2014

Aging: A Note From My Future Self

Hairline on the Move!
Dear Self,

You are aging and here's how I know: First, you pulled out the yoga mat after a several-month absence (inexcusable, I might add) and now, two days later, you can't walk without wanting to cry. Tying your shoes for soccer practice later will feel like cruel torture. You've known sore muscles in your youth, of course, but nothing this serious. We hear it's a sign of age and we don't like it.

In the future, if you want to take a few days off from yoga/exercise, FINE. But never again take longer than a week away from your mat. You will be sorry. You saw the way that guy looked at you as you limped down the hallway and stairs. Not ok. Let this be a lesson to you and keep moving. For today, take some Advil and stop sniveling.

The other way I can tell is on your face. The little wrinkles next to your eyes are getting deeper -- which isn't so bad, really. It's giving your face a little more character. But they're just going to get deeper. Also, like your Tita Mavi, the hairline at your temples are moving south. Someday, will the space between your eyes, your eyebrows and your hairline be scant? I can't tell you. For now, the tweezers are your best friend. And continue to moisturize every night.

Your Future Self

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