Monday, January 26, 2015

My First Field Trip

Today I didn't something I've never done before ... I was a field trip chaperone.
Leah in the Blacksmith House

It's something I've always wanted to do. And I never could get the time off of work or get my act together quick enough to plan it out. The girls have always been going to school, day care and forward, so there's been a lot of field trip opportunities. And they beg me to come along or be that mom at the classroom party, but it's not usually possible, mainly because I hear about it at the last-minute.
This Cabin is Older Than ME! 

But Leah's third grade teacher sent out a note about chaperones for this field trip in October! With three months notice, and a January date when I have all my vacation/personal days to spend, this could be done. And I was so excited when I got the notice that I was picked to come along.

The trip was to a park nearby that recreates the experience of the early settlers to the prairies. And the guides/re-creationalists were great about giving the kids plenty of hands-on activities and not spending too much time on lectures. We were constantly moving around stations and learning by doing. And divided into small groups of six kids for each adult, which was manageable.

Beating a Rug
Overall, it was enlightening to see the social dynamics of a third grade class and where my daughter fits into it. I got to meet all the kids I hear about at night around the kitchen table -- putting faces to all the stories. Of course, it was fun to hangout with Leah, too.

Also, I'm so GLAD I don't have boys. OHMIGOSH Seriously. They are in constant motion, touching, talking, moving, not listening. Chaos. I can't imagine how much more crazy my household would be with little boys.

Lastly, two third-grade classrooms on one bus -- that's a lot of energy. Were school buses always so loud? It's been a few decades since I've been on one. The other chaperone and I were exhausted after the trip. And so glad we didn't become teachers.

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