Friday, January 30, 2015

Blue Lily, Why Did You End?

Guys! I just finished the THIRD audiobook in the Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater (called Blue Lily, Lily Blue) and I can't be more please and bereft that it's over. 

I wanted to continue listening to this story on my commute to work every day until I retire. Why did it have to end? 

The second book was so DARK and filled with nightmares (thanks, Ronan) that I was delighted to find this book featured Blue -- who I adore. How can you not love a teenager living in a house of psychics but with no "real" psychic talent. Who subsists on a diet of yogurt alone and shreds/makes her own clothing. She also the only girl in a pack of private school boys on a mission to find a long-dead Welsh king. So she's just plain awesome. 

And Gansey calls her Jane. And that's even more adorable. 

It's the third book in this series so these characters are so well known to me -- which is the about the only thing that keeps me reading this series. I'm honestly in a relationship with these people. I'd invite them (not Ronan, well, maybe) to my house to watch the Super Bowl. Seriously. 

The audiobooks are being read by a gravely-voiced man -- and that worked well in the first two books, but his teenage girl voice is a bit lacking. Sometimes I repeat the girly quote aloud, just to hear what it would sound like from a female speaker. He's just a really fantastic narrator so you get over this girl-y voice thing pretty quickly. 

But it's over and now I will live in book series purgatory until the next book is released WHO KNOWS WHEN.

The glamorous life of a book nerd, I guess.

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