Monday, January 5, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

From Lisa Leake's 100 Days of Real Food cookbook, I found a recipe for tossing a whole chicken into a crockpot, no liquid necessary, and dinner is served in 6 hours or less. Yes, I had to try this out.

Plenty of Cooking Liquid Out of the Onions and Juicy Chicken
To say the meat was falling off the bone would be an understatement. I literally spooned out the meat and plopped it on plates with some roasted veggies. Easiest meal ever.

Then, Ms. Lisa suggested I make chicken stock from the bones and skin left behind. Just add celery, carrots and some water and leave the crock pot on overnight. OK. Sure.

Stock! Two More Jars Completed This Haul
And the fruits of that "labor-intensive" project: About 8 cups of chicken stock cooling on the island. All for the $6.00 I spent at Trader Joe's for the bird. 

That's a winner of a deal. 

Plus, I'll be mixing bbq sauce with the leftover chicken for dinner tonight. 

Meanwhile, the dog was my BEST FRIEND in the kitchen. The smell of chicken was enough to drive the poor guy insane. A few pieces "fell" from the island during the meal prep, I won't deny it. He would have washed my car for more, if he was physically able to do the job. 

Chicken? Do I Smell Chicken? 
Don't you just love new recipes?!

PS. If you don't have Lisa's book yet, I highly recommend you purchase it. It's inspiring (stop eating so much processed foods, people!) and includes yummy recipes. There are certainly more recipes I'll be trying from that book.

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