Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Alice Vs. The Mornings

About once a week Alice protests the world.

Something, and it could be anything -- like unfair strawberry distribution at breakfast or being too rushed or not finding her favorite black sweater -- sets her off and the whole morning is thrown. She doesn't want to leave the house, doesn't want to get on the bus and certainly doesn't want to go to Kindergarten.

This always surprises us because this kid has been going to day care every morning since infancy, so you'd think she'd be used to this. But no. Those long weekends confuse her and here we are, usually on Mondays. But, she likes to spring these on us. Just to keep us on our toes.

The secret is to not lose your temper. Not think about missing the bus or my morning meeting. Keep upbeat. Distract her with plans for the evening. Games. Music. Yoga. Whatever. And bustle her out the door and to the bus stop. Yelling, arguing, logic or punishments just set you back.

Her favorite form of protest these days is just to go boneless and lay down. Favorite locations: the kitchen floor, the family room floor, while I'm pulling her boats and jacket, in the hallway by the garage door, backseat of the car where we wait for the bus to stay warm and finally the sidewalk.
Man Down! 
They say this parenting thing gets easier as the kids get older. When exactly does that happen?

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