Saturday, February 14, 2015

Family Room in White - Before and After

It took the painters two days and some really tall ladders to get the family room out of beige and into the LIGHT! Wow what a difference it has made to this space. 

Before - Beige and Beige
The painters also painted the baseboards and trim. There was some concern about the blue wall, but they handled it beautifully. (Ugh, that fireplace looks even more terrible.) 

White Goes On! The Navy Wall Now POPs with Drama!
The Behr paint was low-odor, so I didn't need to worry about all of us living in the terrible smell. Since it is February, I couldn't leave the windows open all day. 
After - The Corner All Spiffed Up

I even got to vacuum the accordion shades while they were down and you would not believe how WHITE they look now. I really thought they were beige, too! Now, they look more ivory. It's some kind of decor miracle.

One more thing about the curtains: the top curtains run on batteries to roll up and down. Those batteries have been dead since we moved in, so they've never worked. (As previously mentioned.) So I ran out and got 40 AA batteries and changed them out before the painters reinstalled the curtains. Feeling pretty optimistic, I dug up the remote control, instructions in and hand, ready to open and close them ... and .... nothing.

I think the remote is totally dead. Because none of it works. Sigh. A call to Hunter Douglas will be in order this week.

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