Monday, May 4, 2015

Here's the Problem -- Backyard Editon

There are several issues with the backyard and now that it's warm enough to get outside I can't ignore them anymore. It's now about prioritizing the issues and finding someone to help me with them. 

First, the area around the raised beds need to be tackled. Mostly, a weed guard needs to be laid down and wood chips need to be filled in on top. Currently it's a bit of a wreck. Also, we all need to keep our fingers crossed that the hydrangea will come back under the dining room windows.

Then, there are the steps to the back door. The bricks fell apart over the winter starting with just a few. Now, it's just about the whole step. The adhesive only works at temps above 60 and dry. And we haven't had a warm enough weekend to even contemplate the project. As of this weekend, the weather is starting to feel spring-like. So, maybe soon we can start those repairs. 

Alice Models the Broken Stairs - And First Day in Shorts!

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