Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring Stuff Makes Me Happy

Looking out my window this morning it's gray and rainy. BUT it's almost 60 degrees for the first time in a week, so I'm trying to be optimistic.

To that end, here's a list of things that are making me HAPPY right now:

This Scarf(!): It's got these cute, printed bicycles and matches almost EVERYTHING in my closet.
... And what is it with me and bicycle prints right now? I also just ordered a new shower curtain for the girls' bathroom and it's all bikes, too!

My Chucks: This is the first pair of Chucks I've owned since high school. They were navy back then. My new ones are grey. And I have a feeling I'm going to wear them out this summer.

The Word Ephemeral: It's been in a few of the books I've read lately. I like to say it, read it, think about it as a concept. Why does this word make me happy? I just does.

My Backyard: And, more specifically, watching my girls play in the backyard. After months of looking at ugly browns and washed out grays, my backyard is starting to fill in with lush greens and even the weeds fill me with joy. And the little girls laughing on the swingset they haven't used in months is just happy times. Though, that backyard is begging for some maintenance.

Romance Books: Occasionally, I go through a phase and devour romance books at an alarming rate. Though it doesn't usually last longer than a week, I usually read up to 10 books in a shot, until my head spins with meet-cutes and kissing. Don't worry, I'll return to more respectable literature soon enough. Does this happen to anyone else?    

My Chucks

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