Friday, February 12, 2016

From My Archive! Boys!

I was flipping through a journal I created in 1995 that included magazine pictures that once hung from the walls of my teen-year's bedroom. When I moved out for college, I had to clear the walls (and room) for my little sister who moved in. So everything got pasted into this journal -- except for the posters of Keanu and the Young Guns movie poster.

OK, so my taste in cute boys was flawless, but this makes me feel a bit old, right? Bruce Willis with hair!?! Leo! My darling, tragic River?! And friggin' Jordan Catalano!

My So-Called Life and LEO
This journal also had my thoughts and feelings on life, poetry and profound quotes, neat vocabulary words, names of my future children, and MANY more pages of cute boys. It's actually pretty cool. I have diaries and journals dating back to when I was 11 stored away, but this one is a definite favorite.  

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