Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Introducing Lando ...

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I'd ever have two dogs the answer would have been a quick no. Even after we got Benny, I still would have answered no. But, as I posted about last week, those feelings have changed. Benny was a good starter dog, but we're ready for a full-fledge puppy.

Puppy Snoozing
So when I saw a posting about a beagle/mini-whippet mix puppy named Groucho (6 months old) available for adoption I decided to pursue it. Just give it a try. I had a list: Not a yappy dog. No biting. Mostly house-trained. Short haired. But more energy and playfulness. And he's have to have a connection with Dave, the girls and Benny.

We met Groucho on Friday night and he fit all those criteria, except the biting thing -- but it was mostly just holding with his teeth (it's a puppy thing). He didn't bark at the door and he was happy and jumpy when he saw us. He was ready to play.

We made the next move and brought him home for a weekend tryout -- he needed to meet Benny. He jumped in front of Benny and wanted to play but Benny had no idea what he was trying to do or how to play, so things went south with lots of growling and barking. The puppy gave up on him and decided to play with the humans in the house. We wrestled, we gathered out all the toys that were collecting dust and had a great weekend.

Lando Stretching
So, obviously, we couldn't give him up after such a fun and active weekend. Dave named him Lando (as in Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars movies - nerds!) And we started getting him into our routine. We also signed him up for puppy school, too. He's a fast learner.

Benny is getting used to the idea. The puppy is certainly making him more active and interested in more than just dirty laundry and napping. And the house, as a whole, has all this extra energy.

Yup, two dogs. Who'd have guessed that!?

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