Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Get Pumped! Backyard Projects This Weekend

Trying to get pumped up about working in my backyard this weekend. I'm viewing the chore with the usual resignation.

During the winter months, we hardly trek into the wilds of our backyard, but it's finally time to get out there and make some much-needed maintenance.

1. Prep deck area for the new deck ... coming soon! Meaning, if I want to keep the bulbs or blossoming bush, I have to move them or they'll be covered/killed by the weed guard going underneath the deck.

2. Clean up the sand toys that were blown around the yard a few months ago. Let's not discuss the fact that the sand box was sold off last summer. (Why do I still have sand toys?)

3. Prep the veggie bed and plant some radish/spinach seeds. I've read they are hardy enough to withstand some frost.

4. Trim down the hedges. I've been researching cordless trimmers and they aren't that expensive. Just $60 and a few hours of my time and the wildness of the yard will be tamed.

5. Start adding to the lawn by cutting through the old Black-Eyed Susan area and adding dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. More on that later.

6. Playset maintenance ... as in clean and seal. But that doesn't necessarily have to happen this weekend.

The Backyard Is Getting Plenty of Puppy Use
The good news is, I'll have a puppy to keep me company through all this. The bad news, I'll have a puppy at my heals with me the whole time.

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