Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I Did Something Crazy ...

So ... I did something crazy ... I put in my notice and am leaving my current day job.
Pinterest Told Me To Do It

I know. What am I thinking!?!?!

But there are a thousand reasons swirling in my head that have to do with home and family and career and I'm 40(!) and all sorts of things ... but the one thing I've learned from past jobs is NOT to stick around after you're get just done with it. I did at AOL and regretted it because my relationships with those coworkers suffered.

It's just ... I want to pursue my original career path and over the last decade I've moved so far away from it (and really, it's the only thing I'm good at) that it's going to take a concentrated effort to kick back in to it.

So, never fear, I'm not planning on being out of work too long. Just enough to decompress, clean out my house and build up what I need for the next gig.

My head is saying "HOW CAN YOU QUIT?" because I'm not a good quitter. But the time was right at the office, the time of year was good and the upcoming events/trips make it work out.

It's a gamble but I'm ready to just get out there and do it. And, if things really do go south, there's a Hooters opening up down the street ... I can always get a job serving wings. ;)

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