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Day 1: Plans for Being Home

Today is my first day of unemployment.

I gotta say, I underestimated how quiet it would be around the house. I've been playing Amazon Music stations on Alexa in the kitchen as I've been getting to my various tasks for the day, but it's still pretty lonely.

Anyway, there's so much that I want to get done in the next two weeks, I'm not really thinking too much about the solitude. Besides, I have the dogs to talk to ... when they're awake.

I've been working on new lists and looking over house project lists that I've made in the past. I'm this-close to created a spreadsheet or Gantt chart! There's just so much I've wanted to accomplish that I didn't have the time to invest in them. So, here I am: Brimming with time and anxious to get so much done that it makes this all worth it. As I see it, I've silently asked my family to put up with a little less income for a while, so I owe it to them to work my hardest to make that sacrifice worth it.

I'm starting with smaller reorganization projects in the kitchen and office -- with the target of making the house more functional. If you know me, you know that I hate when spaces are not used to their maximum usage potential. If I open another cabinet and have all the tupperware spill out, I'll lose my mind.

Then, there are painting projects, furniture projects and decluttering that are in the plans, as well. I'll chronicle as much as I can here.

Day 1 and I'm just so excited to dig in and go go go!


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Three New Plastic-Free Swaps

This week I've been thinking about the plastic-free swaps that are slowly getting added to our home. One thing I read a lot is the misconception that you need to "buy all this new stuff" to go plastic-free. And that's kinda silly. I mean, the idea of buying a lot to become sustainable is a littlecontradictory, right?

Chances are, you have a reusable water bottle and shopping bag rattling around the house, or you can probably ask a family member for one. And you've already created a pretty good swap.

While I DO like shopping, I'm a touch frugal. So, I'm swapping out plastic items that are ready for replacement with more renewable sources as they need to be replaced. Here are the latest three.

First up, replacing our plastic toothbrushes for bamboo. 
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Camp Paris 2018 Recap

I called the open time between when school got out and when we left for the States "Camp Paris 2018" (see first post here). I worried about keeping the kids busy and there are still a ton of sights in Paris on my list. So, off we went. And, I will add, we didn't wait in line anywhere. Maybe the first week of July is the best time to visit Paris? Who knows!?

It wasn't all good news. The girls staged a mutiny after the first week, refusing to go to another monument or museum. Sigh. So, we spent more days than I care to admit to watching movies, crafting and hanging out around the (very warm) apartment. Such is summer, I guess.

Here's a breakdown of the places we DID see ...

Parc Zoologique de Paris (also known as Zoo de Vincenne) 
Price: 50€ for 1 adult, 2 kids
Summary: Loved it!
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Upstairs Hallway Makeover: Before

This hallway is at the top of the stairs and is between the girls' bedrooms. I love to store books here and the kids masterpieces in this little DIY art hanger (here's how to make it). But this space has always lacked a nice, cohesive look. And that's been driving me crazy. Even from Paris.

So this first full week of being home is all about getting cleaned up for all our upcoming visitors and this is one spot I really want to focus on.

First, I want to repaint. White, probably.

Second, I want to find a plan for this space that includes built-ins, so it looks really clean and on-purpose. Not a storage area for random things.

I have two options I've been thinking about a lot.

Option 1: Do a built-in desk along this wall. Coincidently, in the original plans for this house, that's what's planned for this space but the original builders opted out of the feature. (See the post for the details.)

Option 2: Do a built-in cabinet and shelf that goes to the ceiling. I could…