Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Art Project - Plywood Silhouettes

Most of my DIY projects are inspired by what I have laying around the house. I don't like to throw out perfectly good materials. I had this extra plywood from a project my husband finished and had a fun, FREE idea for a Halloween craft... Spooky Halloween Silhouettes!

Here's the step by step ...

1. I found three pieces that were imperfect squares and spray-painted them with white primer that I had in the garage.

2. Then, I researched spooky silhouettes on Pinterest. I traced them directly off the computer monitor at the size I needed for the plywood frames. I found a crow, witch and owl. Then I cut them out using a sharp scissors.

3. I cut them out and taped the paper to the boards, covering any of the board I didn't want painted.

4.  Then, while standing directly above and holding the paint can down, I brushed paint across the open areas. I quickly learned the trick was to get the paper wet with the paint first, to help hold it down. I applied a thick layer of navy paint. (Navy, because that's what I had!)

5. Once done, I quickly pulled off the white paper, so nothing dried and stuck. And this is what I ended up with!

Quick, easy and FREE Halloween decorations for the house.

Happy Halloween!! 

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